3DX Connector for Jira (Cloud)


Application enables integration between Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIANCE platform and Atlassian JIRA Cloud, bridging the gap between PLM and ALM world.
Integration allows us to synchronize 3DExperiance Objects with Jira tickets with one-to-one mapping. Connector supports unidirectional and bidirectional synchronization between Jira tickets and 3DExperiance objects, allowing you to start Jira ticket from 3DX Object and vice versa, and synchronize 3DX Object attributes to Jira ticket fields through the lifecycle.


3DX Connector consist of two components, “3DX Connector for Jira” Cloud App, and “TIF 3DX Jira Connector” module which needs to be installed on 3DX Server.
TIF 3DX Jira Connector module is based on the Technia Integration Framework Software with predefined Configuration for Jira Connector.

What we bring to Jira.

Configuration Admin UI.
“Sync to 3DX” custom field of single select type, with options Yes and No.
“3DX Connector” panel in Ticket Details Section.


Due to limitation in Atlassian connect platform, we’re able to define mappings for up to 100 Jira events, if single Jira project will synchronize with 3DX Platform on Jira create and update events, total of two events will be consumed by single projects, therefore we’ll be able to define up to 50 projects in the scope for the Integration.