Update Log


Theme / Focus

Platform support (mainly 3ddashboard).

2022.4 in Numbers



Story Points




Story Points








Admin & distribution










  • 3DEXPERIENCE general

    • Search & Search Result improvements

  • 3DDashboard

    • Common- Properties modals & side panels

    • Change Action

    • Route Management

    • Model Definition

    • Lifecycle

  • 3DSpace

    • File upload dialog

    • Improved form coverage (edit data forms)


  • Slim tabs


  • New callout types

    • Global info

    • On over info



Alot of added support for different platforms. Mainly focused on 3DDashboard.

  • 3DDashboard - drag-able items has an app state, many toolbar actions and menus supported, as well as form fields.

  • 3DSpace - dynamic, name and owner fields in context pages can now have dynamic callouts.


  • Performance improvements

    • 3DSpace/3DDashboard - Search results


  • Edit icon on callouts in author extension, for faster context editing

  • Tooltip on target element text


  • Search bar, for filtering out conditions

2022.2 in numbers




Story Points











Distribution & Cloud






Author tot



Admin tot






    • 3DSpace

      • More supported (green) target elements and refinement of existing

      • Full change process demo recorded step-by-step, one instruction at a time, using supported and built in configurations only.

      • Default enabled and improvement to conditions / app states

    • 3DDashboard

      • More supported (green) target elements

    • TVC

      • iframe evaluation fix

  • Apriso

    • Basic configurations in place making it possible to demo and test drive


  • Tag filtering improved and UI refined

  • Performance improvements

  • Reset sequences by toggling guides

  • Documentation links from extension

  • Bug fixes


  • Evaluation status

    • Makes it easy to understand why a callout is not visible

    • Quickly identify instructions for the current view

  • Input conditions enhancements

    • Full remake removing the risk of version dependent data

    • More inputs supported - Radio, buttons, multi select inputs etc.

    • Input conditions available for conditional element

  • Opener conditions for popup windows

    • Useful for small popups that do not carry much state itself, now the opener window state could be included

  • Create / edit instruction form restructured to be more user friendly and efficient

  • Colors

    • More color options available for guides and callouts.

    • Possibility to set background color on individual callouts.

  • Description field is now optional.


  • Deprecate

    • Possibility to phase out conditions and target elements (existing dependent instructions will still work but you cant record new, this way you can improve and create new versions)

  • UI

    • Restructure in a more logical way (e.g ignores found under targets instead of conditions)

    • Sorting of configs alphanumeric

    • The action toolbar when scrolling to the bottom

  • Server url mapping removed / automated

  • Export / import stability improvements

  • 3DEXPERIENCE support

    • Official support for specific targets (tabs, categories, toolbars and many more target types are maintained as part of the product, not as customer owned configurations)

    • Overall extended support scope (more targets, app states etc built into the product, customer and R&D driven)

    • Quality ensured with increased test automation coverage for multiple versions

  • APRISO support

    • First baseline configurations built into the product (making it possible to demo & sell)

  • Admin UI

    • Data view

      • View the recorded guide data (instructions) in the admin ui

      • Indicate / warn xpath (unsupported fallback) based recordings

    • Import

  • Author

    • Build guides by supported targets that you can rely work well over time (less dependency to application html and maintained as part of the product)

    • Extended possibilities building sequences

    • Inside of

      • Possible to define in what app state (condition) content an instruction belongs (useful in case there are multiple similar targets, e.g. pointing out the content of a specific widget that is present in multiple widgets)

  • Consumer

    • Sorted guides alphabetically

    • Search results with description match highlighting

    • Guide description displayed in accordion (to better support rich descriptions and make it easier to understand how to use it)

    • Guide colors presented directly in list (makes it easier to spot the guide matching a callout)

    • Guide toggle state is a global preference (not by URL, could be a problem when login is in separate domain)

    • Quick disable of the full extension (possible in the top menu where you enter the service URL)

  • Stability

    • Bug fixes

    • Focus remake to avoid data dependency (better support additions over time)

  • Cloud Server

    • Multi tenant cloud hosting data service included with the subscription

  • 3DEXPERIENCE support

    • Built-in configurations as supported product (owned and maintained by TECHNIA, improvements overtime, not copied and branched off to customer data)

    • Expanded built-in configurations to cover more areas (based on customer engagements)

    • Clone, override and extend

  • Administration

    • Import / export data and configurations (Admin UI)

    • Focus priority order when multiple focus applies

    • Edit conditions in json view

  • Client

    • Easy toggle extension on / off (quick disable)

    • Big performance improvements


  • Clear data directly after Target switch

  • Fixed: Multi Author broken for one browser - multi window

  • Fixed: Missing innerText in xpaths

  • Fixed: Callouts/Infos get stripped off if container width is too small

  • Fixed: URL in Rich Text does not work if it does not start with http(s)


  • Author key input password

  • Evaluate UI Conditions only while selecting the target
    Fixed: License Key not found after Target Renaming


  • None


  • Authorize author on mutations

  • Restrict Access to LMW Server

  • Track the current Consumer/Author count

  • Improve the log detail if DB Connection cannot be established

  • Fixed: Frequent Server Disconnection

Admin UI

  • Add Login

  • Change innerText to default true

  • Illustrate icons for conditions and ignorelist

  • Add loader component

  • Improve visibility of notifications

  • Make Author keys editable from the AdminUI

  • Move license.json into DB

  • Create new Target

  • Create new Target based on existing Target (Clone)

  • Delete Targets

  • Rename Targets

  • Manage DNS config mappings

  • Import and export of configurations

  • Enable Caching

  • Add success and failure notifications in admin ui

  • Add expand/collapse all commands

  • Add info texts/description for fields

  • Auto-completion for fields

  • Fixed: Undefined booleans in Admin UI should default false

Both Extensions

  • Toggle LMW Panel state should be stored in local storage


  • Allow locked Conditions to be disabled

  • Add Drag and Drop support for Instructions

  • UI Improvements

  • Fixed: Focus Conditions do not work if multiple matches were found


  • No Changes


  • The full Configuration is now stored inside a Database

  • The Export Script now supports exporting from different versions

  • Added caching mechanism for Requests

  • Configurations can now be created and managed using the new Admin UI

  • Removed Dynamic and Custom Conditions

  • Fixed: A Target/Platform Combination can be created multiple times


  • UI conditions can be hidden from the UI

  • UI conditions can be enabled by default

  • Added conditions for 3DDashboard


  • Color HTML elements during selection

  • Allow multiple authors to create/edit/delete groups and instructions

  • Added logging functionality

  • The callout anchor position will be automatically adjusted to best fit

  • If the recordings are changed by other authors, there will be a reload hint displayed

  • If a new tag is created, it will be activated automatically

  • Improved UX

  • Provide a Rich Text Editor for instruction and group descriptions

  • Add a search to easily find groups, instructions or tags


  • Added logging functionality

  • The Info Callout is now animated for better identification


  • Added logging functionality

  • Switched to a GraphQL backend

  • Recordings are now stored inside a Database

  • Added a DNS Server to allow an easy distribution of the web extension


  • Update nodejs to 14.15 LTS

  • Support for 3DX 2014X

  • Updated configuration schema files

  • Add configuration option to ignore anchors for specific elements


  • Improved callout layout control - positioning of the callout

  • More callout colors are available

  • Add Context Menu to enable/disable Light My Way UI

  • Callouts will be rendered behind the Light My Way UI

  • Hide Callouts while in select mode


  • Reposition on scroll

  • Callout Display preferences

    • Make non-hovered Callouts transparent

    • Hide Group Label in Callouts

    • Truncate non-hovered Callout description

  • Emphasize available instructions

  • Server and web extension version compatibility check


  • Built in configs for 3DSPACE & TVC allowing authors to guide users through complex processes (e.g. change process) fully recorded by point and click (without technical configuration)

    • More conditions

    • More targets

    • More target conditions

    • Focus

  • JSON Schema to support system admins


  • Record future proof guides with the stabilized data and efficient configuration format

  • Author validation and password control


  • Large performance improvements allowing state driven guides with large data

  • Consumer Available now indication directly on panel tab

First official release - instead of listing the full product the release notes defined what known issues was not yet covered.

Known limitations / planned


  • Performance - does not scale well with large number of instructions. (Planned for 2020.5)

  • Scrolling some places causes misplaced instruction callouts (Planned for 2020.5)

  • Search/filter limited to group (Planned for 2020.5)

  • Tag limited to group (Planned for 2020.5)


  • Needs help from admin to configure built in conditions to support some/many (50%?) use cases (Planned for 2020.5)

  • Data format will change making content data obsolete (Planned for 2020.5)

  • No import export tool (Planned for 2021.1-2021.2)

  • Change is published immediately without test before publish (Planned for 2021.1-2021.2)


  • Verbose data format (Planned for 2020.5)

  • Verbose configuration format (Planned for 2020.5)

  • Not yet all configurability to fully support author (Planned for 2020.5)

  • No remote admin UI (Planned for 2021.1-2021.2)


  • On prem, not cloud yet (Planned for 2021.1-2021.2)

  • No authentication (Planned for 2021.1-2021.2)